Our project

I am José Carlos Cámara, director of infoycomunicación. Ten years ago I started to render my services as freelance collaborator, with specialisation as the main added value. During that time I have been figuring out the way to improve on the existing offers in the sector via an agile and competent company which understands the activity of our customers.

We have created a team that knows the world of communication in its different aspects, which can be incorporated with self-assurance when carrying out important projects. As we count on a network of stable collaborators that operates independently our costs are very competitive, allowing us to apply this aspect to our final price without decreasing quality.

But price in itself is not a reason to choose our option. infoycomunicación provides specialisation in the industrial, energy and environmental markets, with technical advice from Engineering professionals, making us the ideal choice to offer services to companies of said sectors.