About us

nosotrosinfoycomunicación incorporates a professional team that, from their different roles, carry out broad range projects in the industrial, energy and environmental markets.

Our bet has been right as we have increased our presence in the market, while keeping the level of service that we have traditionally been offering.
Our success is based upon the following factors:

  • Knowing the environments we work in with a high specialisation: Optimal results can only be achieved when the sector is known in depth.
  • We bet on a reasonable rhythm of growth. We are not ambitious to gain accounts in an indiscriminate manner if we aren’t certain that we can deal with them to the expected degree of quality.
  • The responsibility of managing each account falls on us. Our customers benefit from a close and intense contact.
  • We offer a complete catalogue of services.
  • We are proud of keeping a long-lasting relationship with those who have bet on us.